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What is Family Mediation and how can it help?

Family Mediation is all about communication and open discussion. Family Mediation offers you the chance to resolve any family dispute and work towards finding solutions. Mediation is perfect for round table talks about, divorce, Separation finances, the division of assets/pensions, child arrangements and grandparents rights. As mediators we will help you consider options and work out solutions to all of the above.

Family Mediation is now recognised by the Courts and the Government as a positive alternative to litigation. So much so that since April 2014 it has been made compulsory to attend a MIAM (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting) before you can apply to the Court.

We offer you a team of trained and experienced professionals who practice in Family and Collaborative Mediation. The most common areas that we assist people in are: divorce, separation, how to divide property, financial settlement, pensions and child arrangements.

We offer a Family Mediation and a Collaborative Family Mediation Service.

Collaborative Mediaton is newest of divorce process options. Although both mediation and collaboration are alternative methods of resolving issues between separating or divorcing couples. They differ from each other in terms of a mediators level of training. All mediators are trained but some are lawyers and others are not and that is the fundamental difference. 

Collaboratively trained lawyers are lawyers who have also been trained as mediators, with a view to making the paradigm shift away from the courts or litigation process. This method is ultimately the best way forward for the participants of mediation as the service is faster, less stressful and a fraction of the cost of the court or litigation process.

Mediation and collaborative mediation equally involves an impartial and independent mediator who encourages the participants of mediation over a number of meeting, to resolve their issues without attending court. A collaborative mediator is qualified to also give legal guidance to the participants of mediation as to law and Procedure but without giving legal advice or taking sides. The difference between collaborative mediation and the use of a mediator without legal training is the guidance related to the law and procedure.

We are aware from experience that the legal guidance is essential for a successful mediation settlement. As the collaborative mediator will be able to best assess if an offer to settle is fair considering their knowledge of the law and procedure. This will save you time, stress and high legal costs. Collaborative mediation is the 5 star service related to the mediation process and is known to be a highly recommended, effective and successful service.

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Memberships and Organisations

Our Mediators are Trained and Registered with:

The College of Mediators, 

The Family Mediation Council 

and ADRg

We also support The National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV) they provide a free, fast emergency service to survivors of domestic violence regardless of their financial circumstances, race, gender or sexual orientation.